Handle potentially explosive dust with due care

Extreme caution should be taken if potentially explosive dust, such as fine aluminum sanding dust or oak dust (classification ST1), is released during your operations. The applicable ATEX regulations stipulate that potentially explosive dust must be collected separately and that it should not be mixed with regular metal dust. Hamach offers the ideal solution for this in the form of the HCV pre-separator.

Creative engineering

Hamach offers complete solutions for sustainable mixing room and workplace facilities. In addition, the central dust extraction provides for a customized solution for any budget and market where safety, quality, sustainability and innovation are focal points. The HCV pre-separator, for instance, is the ideal solution for the separate extraction of potentially explosive dust. The Hamach engineers apply a different approach towards the deployability of materials, technologies and applications. They succeed in using these to their full potential, thanks to resourcefulness and knowledge of materials. In short, Hamach is designed with creative ingenuity. This is the same ingenuity the Netherlands are known for across the globe. This ranges from the Delta Works storm surge barriers to the microscope and from Bluetooth to Hamach; individual pieces of evidence of extraordinary Dutch engineering creativity. Thinking out of the box! That’s Hamach.